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About Brand

Uber Technologies Inc. is a peer-to-peer ridesharing, taxi cab, food delivery, and transportation network company headquartered in San Francisco, California, with operations in 633 cities worldwide. Its platforms can be accessed via its websites and mobile apps.


Uber saw the need to create brand engagement at Uber training centres. There is a waiting area in the centres where Uber wanted to communicate a simple message “How the life of an Uber partner is vastly different from a non-Uber cab driver.”



  • We had to spend a lot of time talking to different Uber drivers, the problems they face in real life. Why is Uber their choice? What makes Uber work for them?
  • How does the Uber brand help them achieve their life goals? What problems do they face being a conventional driver for Indian families?
  • The AV had to be relatable to Uber Partners. Hindi was the language of choice.
  • The AV had to be quirky to keep Uber Drivers interested.


We created an animation short story revolving around 2 Uber drivers, Sohanlal and Kriparam. Sohanlal is an Uber Partner and Kriparam is a conventional driver for a stereotypical Indian Businessman. We showed a day in the life of an Uber Partner and a Conventional Driver.

It happens that the Uber Partner is able to have a streamlined life experience, from choosing his work timings to getting paid on time and being able to spend time with his family, little things add up and provide a better quality of life. The conventional driver faces quite a few challenges in life and maybe it’s time for him to switch.

The video starts with hustle and bustle of a traffic-stricken Delhi, the chaos focusses towards Rajiv Chowk the heart of Delhi, where nothing is able to move because of the immense amount of cars on the road. The narrative leads to the logical conclusion that “Delhi is coming to a standstill”. Because most of the people in delhi have smartphones, this presents a solution.

Most of us have access to Uber Pool, which can help reduce the amount of cars on the road hence Decongesting Delhi. We incorporated several visual stories on how Delhi as a supercity is functioning and the good effects Uberpooling will have in the metropolis. Our visual narrative included freeing up roads to a possible future where parking lots can be used for better purposes.



The AV was well received both by Uber and at the training centres. It’s a short film with a big impact. Because of our initial research on the pressing points of Uber Partners the AV not only engaged them at training centres but also conveyed how the life on an Uber Partner is better than other alternatives.