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About Brand

ROPIO (Reach Out & Pass it On) is a self-sustaining environment that empowers those in need- a space where kids are taught to be good human beings along with being educated, responsible citizens of society.

With values like compassion, sense of belonging, courage, friendship and respect being the pillars on which this organization stands, ROPIO provides children opportunities for growth and development: namely, Education, Health, Exposure, Skill/Talent Development and Social Projects/Events.


Here kids are raised to not only have the knowledge to know right from wrong, but to choose the right path as well.

All the kids are enrolled in government schools and get after-school assistance at ROPIO, in the form of tuition, discussions and study-sessions conducted by volunteers, members and tuition-centers. They also receive workshops and lessons on various creative fields such as art and craft, music, sports, computers and communication skills and to give them hope and aims for their life, they are given exposure visits to various companies, to other NGOs, organizations and initiatives where they have healthy interactions with the employees and other members.



  • We are deeply involved with ROPIO and wanted to create a property that would help them in fund-raising. A video which would encapsulate all of the above (and then some) in a way that was short and sweet, yet powerfully evocative.
  • We didn’t want it to be the tired and cliché way of presenting Indian NGOs, which has been the norm (you know these videos).
  • We wanted the message to be hopeful and inspiring, not depressing. But the video still had to capture the prevailing state-of-affairs- the seriousness of the situation.


We had a visual breakthrough, with a number-line, a ladder and varying shades of blue to show a long series of children who live in the blind spots of the society.

With the help of vivid and dynamic text-play we speak of how in India, no one- not the government, not the families of these people, not even society at large- treats the underprivileged as anything more than numbers. They have dreams and ambitions, they need guidance and a chance to figure out what they want from life. But how will they do it?

The number-line, here, describes the magnitude of the problem while, quite literally, underlining the general anonymity of these millions. The ladder is their way out. And the lightening shades of blue; represent the steady unsheathing of one’s potential.



It is the character building and personality development activities that make ROPIO stand apart. The elder alumni have taken up responsibilities of the center as well as the organization, on themselves, from handling the daily-expenses of the center, to volunteer coordination and arranging classes for the children to teaching the kids and being responsible for their growth and well-being. This video captures the theme appropriately.