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International Society for Olympiad

About Brand


International Society for Olympiad (ISFO) is a veritable global platform that provides exams of increasing levels of difficulty in the subjects of Science and Mathematics to students from class I to XI. Competing with the best, nationally and internationally, prepares students for competitive exams in higher grades and boosts their self-confidence. Other fringe-benefits include development of creative and lateral thinking along with a sense of autonomy in critical thought and action.


The property needed to convey the value of Olympiads to parents, teachers and students. It needed to speak of performance, aptitude, competition and show ‘studies’ in a way that was fun. Because learning is fun.

Besides creating an entertaining explainer-video that engages parents, teachers and students alike; we felt the need for a social-media campaign that generated interest in the organization, while diverting traffic to the ISFO website to register, since the Olympiads are seasonal events.



  • Creating a world of knowledge enthusiasts to express the importance of Olympiads.
  • Driving awareness about ISFO on social media through engaging content.


Creating ISFOLAND was sheer pleasure- creating a nerd’s paradise! A land where learning is a by-product of having fun. Having complete creative-freedom along with establishing ‘learning is fun’ as the over-arching theme; there was no limit to what we could do. And our Digital assets reflected the same.

To appeal to the wide and highly diverse TG (parents, teachers, students); we explored different styles and designs templates- that went from relatable to bizarre. And we blasted these across Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter every couple of days.




Link to video: