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Eli Lilly


About Brand

For more than 140 years, Eli Lilly & Company has discovered, developed and acquired innovative new medicines that address key unmet medical needs worldwide. Across the globe, we also have strong alliances and partnerships that advance our capacity to develop innovative medicines at lower costs.

Eli Lilly and Company India Pvt. Ltd. is the Indian subsidiary of Eli Lilly and Company. Since its inception in India, in 1993, Lilly has been committed to developing and marketing pharmaceutical products to treat diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis and growth hormone deficiency.



The projects was mainly oriented around a single handbook that would be presented and shared with Eli Lilly’s internal staff to inform them about their employee benefits, including insurance, personal loan subsidy, work from home policy, leave policy, free lunch facility and etc.

They briefed us about each point of policy (14 in total). The handbook would be image-heavy with little content around the policies. The images would be themed according to Indian surroundings and characters. The content was short and to-the-point with a separate header for each policy.



Client had shared the text for each slide in the handbook. We had to find images off the Internet that depicted the action and context of each policy and that too within the premises of an Indian audience. The overall tone was to be premium and minimalist.

We incorporated the Eli Lilluy brand identity and colours in the layout and used colour images showing various characters against different backgrounds, including office, home, car, metro, and park.

For the front slide, we used vector icons representing the policies and put them in a circle around the character to give a sense of protection.


Eli Lilly India is using the digital handbook to inform its staff about the employee benefits. The document (PDF) is around 11mb in size and and can be shared via WhatsApp and other file sharing platforms.