How, a cryptocurrency exchange and investment platform, used Brainpan to create an impactful introduction video for its main app and online portal

About Brand is a full-featured exchange for the crypto asset that caters to diversified trading and investment needs.

IDAP About Brand

They were launching a trader-friendly and customizable application designed for seamless trading. Advanced analytics tools for the trade book, order book and risk analysis. Advanced real-time charting extended tools and services.

IDAP online platform

Idap Online Platform


The project came to us with a deadline of 3-4weeks for a whiteboard animation video showing the platform as a problem-solver for all the people who are interested in the cryptocurrency eco-system and those who have already invested in it.

As the high tide of cryptocurrency is rising more and more at a global scale, wants to portray itself as the platform for all the users from India and abroad across the demographics of mid to high income and experimentative psychographics. The team briefed us about the product and their philosophy of introducing a derivatives product ecosystem to the crypto asset market.

Idap Overview

We created an engaging explainer that talked about the cryptocurrency scenario around the world and stated the problems and requirements of various users, including the new entrant, the high-frequency trader, the small-time investor and etc. We then had to show how’s features eliminated these issues and provided all-around solutions to all queries and concerns regarding the crypto market.

TURNAROUND TIME: 6 weeks with multiple revisions.




The script and storyboarding were done with the approach of a classic explainer video with four characters representing the audience and features of the product that eliminated their issues and addressed their concerns related to the crypto asset market.

The style we followed for this video is not traditional whiteboard but a variation of the same with elements of motion graphics that made the video very engaging and lively.

The characters were drawn in a semi-classic style and the icons were complementary to the style. We used vector icons and animated them with motion graphics to show the core services of the organisation and how it is embedded in all its products. We followed a geometric pattern to lead the video to its conclusion where the vector icons form a circle which morphs into being the logo, leaving a lasting impact in the minds of the audience.


Idap Conclusion uses our video as their featured video on their website to introduce themselves and their values and services to their vast and varied worldwide audience.