Brainpan Studio | FAQs
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Little Blue Bob has most of the answers for you

How can I register in order to avail your Services?

In order to register with us, please visit our Contact page or Quote page and simply send us an email. We shall respond to your request within 24 hours.

What is the 5 step model? How does it work?

1. Research: Post initial payment and receipt of consent form, we research and study your project thoroughly.

2. Script & Voiceover: We incorporate all the details filled by you in the project questionnaire and work upon an ideal story to represent your thought. We write down the script. We record the voiceover selected by you, as per the options available within the selected pack. The same is placed according to the timeline and all technical errors are revised as per your feedback.

3. Storyboard: Once the script and voiceover are finalized, we proceed to create a storyboard, in order to visualize the concept. Your feedback is embodied to create the final storyboard.

4. Graphics & Animation: Our designers work on computer generated graphic images on the basis of the finalized storyboard and the same are animated. Your feedbacks and frequent interactions are required during this process in order to define the tone for your video.

5. Production & Final Editing: We assimilate the video and revise to omit any technical errors as per your final feedback.

What is your deadline for the completion of the entire project?

Deadline for the project may vary upon the selection of the required pack and duration of the video. A period of 23 to 45 business days is required for the completion of the video and the same is subject to your timely feedbacks. However, in the case of urgent requirement, we will complete the project as per your deadline.

How can I make payments? Can I pay in installments?

Payments are accepted offline via cheque, or online through wire transfer and Paypal.

A 50% initial deposit is required to begin work on the project. The final payment is received after your approval on the final product. Any changes in the duration are subject to extra changes as per your pack.

What is your policy for client feedback? How can we regularly stay in touch?

Client feedback is required post completion of each step as per our model. We would request you to kindly submit the same within 1-2 business days, enabling us to work on the project efficiently. Our account manager shall keep your regularly updated via mail or scheduled Skype conference.

How many countries and languages can you deliver to?

Infographic videos can be delivered in English, German, Swiss German, French, Italian, Spanish, Hindi and caters to clients all across the globe.

Can I access the source file after my project is completed?

Source files can be requested post completion of the project and receipt of final payment as per eligibility for the same mentioned in the pack. Adobe After Effects is used as a fixed format for delivery.

What is the cancellation procedure for the project? Until when can I cancel the project?

The project can be canceled by initiating the cancellation procedure. The same can be initiated via request letter submitted to the account manager. All the steps completed and approved prior cancellation need to be paid in full. The unfinished product shall not be delivered to the client.

What format can I choose for the delivery of final product?

WMV format is used as a standard format for delivery of final video. However, you may choose any format (AVI, FLV, MOV, MP4, WMV) as per your business requirement.