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How Tea Aroma transformed itself into a premium tea brand and recreated its digital space among the top rank products.

About Brand

Tea aroma is a brand that focuses on experimenting with different tea buds and therapeutic herbs to create a blend which will prove to be healthy and tasty as well. They believe in adding a twist to the old age tradition of tea drinking.

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Tea is an important element of the daily lifestyle of Indians and people around the world. Many people can’t imagine mornings without their bed tea. Tea Aroma took this household beverage to the next level with their range of healthy and medicinal variations of tea. They needed to reach out to consumers and get recognition.

We had to start from scratch, working on the overall digital hygiene of the brand, including its social media handles and the website. To reach the goals we devised a brand strategy for them, we created a digital media strategy.

We provided 360° digital marketing, which includes search engine marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, and go-to-market strategy etc.


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Currently, we are executing a very successful PPC campaign on Google and Amazon sponsored ads. We have been able to get Tea Aroma’s flagship products Slimming herbal green tea, Detox tea and herbal delight tea on the first page of Amazon.

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On the creative front, we are creating blog content focussing on the ingredients and the benefits of their flagship teas along with banner ads and creative banners for social media and e-commerce platforms.

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Creating a brand strategy is essential to boost the growth of a business. With the digital platform making life easier for the consumer it is important to be seen and recognised online for any business. This is what we helped Tea Aroma do; build an online presence which helped the consumer find the brand easily and become a loyal customer.