100 Pipers, Pernod Ricard

They had to create digital properties such as logo and motion graphic video series related to their social awareness campaign — The Good You Can.

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About Brand

100 Pipers is a very popular blended Scotch whisky, seventh-largest in the world. So when a brand whose core messaging/brand-positioning- ‘Be Remembered for Good’- comes to us: asking for a series that actually makes people adopt a more sustainable lifestyle, what do we do? We giddily jump around, figuring out how the brand can engage their audience and make a difference, while also evoking loyalty to, and advocacy of ‘Be Remembered for Good’.

the good you can- 100 pipers


The property had to be informative but not boring. It needed to inspire change yet not be preachy. It needed to have a strong impact without being too long. It needed to offer a fresh perspective on age-old issues. It needed to create interest in pressing concerns of sustainability without forcing the issue. The message needed to be precise and brief but not lacking in substance or depth. It needed to be native for Facebook. The videos needed to have a premium look- like Scotch whisky. The copy needed to be minimal yet beautiful.

Use Led Bulb

Do not be a bystanding enablerUnhappy peopleyou only get one motherartificial lightingHoly War


Turnaround Time: 78 weeks with multiple revisions.


It took many attempts but we finally struck gold with ‘The Good You Can’ (TGYC) – a collection of the smallest changes you can affect in your everyday life that, over time, leave a huge impact. The format was simple:

the good you can- 100 pipers the good you can blue






Enter smooth whisky-esque transitions, elegant illustrations, gorgeous dynamic-typography, modern & straight (serif, Oswald) font-styles and high-impact messaging. One of the greatest challenges was conceptualization and scripting of different, relatable scenarios where a small change could make a huge difference.

It’s always true of concise and precise messaging- you need to have close to expert-understanding of a subject before you can put it across simply and beautifully (and also, a real knack for crunching numbers and data-bits). It was long and hard but the result was learning that leaves an impression.

diffrence regular bulb and led bulb

which is more effective

Reduce lighting cost by 90%over a lifetime100 homes for a yearUse Led Bulb (2)Defeated RavanaReturned from banishmentwar is over


We learned a lot working on this long-run project. We learned how to create videos with different graphic design styles, kinetic typography, tried out various types of character design. We also learned how to drive awareness via animation. It was overall an enriching experience.