Brainpan Studio | Concept Art: The Rise of the Monumetals (xxvii)
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Concept Art: The Rise of the Monumetals (xxvii)

Concept Art: The Rise of the Monumetals (xxvii)

xxvii. Prophesy of Grey Heart

Born under the Prophesy of Grey Heart, Akycha is the scion of the Avian kingdom of the Jamodoras. It was foretold that the young king of Arohan will break the pact with the Elementals and spread his wings beyond the boundaries of the tower world. Venturing to the Lowerlands is forbidden by the decree of the king yet young Akycha can not deny his fascination for the unknown world.

On the eve of his 15th birthday, Akycha and his vahana takes the dive into the lowerlands. Unknown to him, the Elementals follow all his movements.


This is a part of the new Graphic Series: “The Rise of the Monumetals”
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