Brainpan Studio | Client Profiling: Doctor’s Diary
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Client Profiling: Doctor’s Diary

Client Profiling: Doctor’s Diary

Client: Doctor’s Diary

About: Doctor’s Diary is an Electronic Health Record (EHR) application that promises ‘one patient, one record’ for 1.25 billion Indian population. Doctor’s Diary facilitates a holistic understanding of each patient’s health, minimizes human errors, prevents wrong diagnosis and helps the doctor make a more informed decision.

Need: To interact with the Indian population. Identify target. Reach patients and create buzz. Highlight health and technology. Record  and automate doctors and patient interaction.

Requirement: Media to entice customers. An informative video that details the client’s purpose and intent. An instructional menu through an interactive medium. A video instructional manual.

Process: Content Assimilation> Scripting> Voice Over> Storyboard> Graphic> Animation> Final Editing 

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