Lass Naturals wanted to completely rebrand themselves with a new identity system to reimagine their packaging.

About Brand

Lass Naturals is an Ayurvedic beauty cosmetics brand, focussed on providing an alternative to mass-produced, synthetic chemical cosmetics. They combine Ayurveda formulation with technology. All their products are free from Parabens, SLS, SLES & Petroleum derivatives and are a blend of rare Indian herbs and essential oils.


Their old identity system did not do justice to the quality of their products and their long-term goals. We helped Lass Naturals completely rebrand themselves from a new identity system to reimagining their packaging.

TURNAROUND Time: 10 weeks with multiple revisions.



Along with the above set of problems, the old identity system had 3 different logotypes which reduced brand equity and caused confusion.

To create a completely new identity system we started with our discovery phase where we explored the values and personalities of the brand. After a lot of visual explorations, we finally revealed our top 3 adaptations.

Finally, we struck gold with the adaptation of the crescent symbol. Signifying the feminine moon, with layers of natural elements, with Elsie Typeface.

lass naturals approach

lass naturals approach

There is a stark difference in the overall appeal of the brand and its visual identity system after completely rebranding Lass Naturals and providing them with a brand-new identity system.


Take a look


before work


 after work




AfterFinal Lass Packaging